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Boundary Commission for England

Freedom of Information responses

On this page you can find the responses to all FOI requests made since January 2016. Please contact us if you require access to earlier responses.

FOI Request Nature of request and date sent by correspondent Final Response
FOI/2016/01 Request for information about the provision of local WiFi services (12 January 2016) Response
FOI/2016/02 Details of newspaper licensing agreements during 2013-14 (7 February 2016) Response
FOI/2016/03 Details of various corporate/financial/HR software contractsGR (10 February 2016) Response
FOI/2016/04 Requesting the reports supporting the reviews of the European Parliamentary constituencies post the 1979, 1984, 1994, 1999 European elections (16 March 2016) Response
2016-17 FOI/0001 Breakdown of electorate in Borough of Cambridge between 2014-15 (24 April 2016) Response
2016-17 FOI/0002 Cost of travel and accommodation in the BCE during 2015 and whether travel was booked via an external travel company (28 April 2016) Response
2016-17 FOI/0003 Process behind the recruitment of Assistant Commissioners (08 May 2016) Response
2016-17 FOI/0004 1st – Process behind recruitment of Assistant Commissioners (25 May 2016); 2nd – Diversity data of applicants for Assistant Commissioner posts (10 June 2016). 1st Response

2nd Response

2016-17 FOI/0005 Statistics related to the earnings of BCE staff (21 June 2016). Response
2016-17 FOI/0006 Questions relating to what Security and Fire Protection Products the BCE use (11 July 2016). Response
2016-17 FOI/0007 Questions relating to BCE’s historical recruitment of temporary staff (18 July 2016). Response
2016-17 FOI/0008 Questions relating to BCE current headcount and policy for recruiting temporary staff (25 July 2016) Response
2016-17 FOI/0009 Questions relating to the purchase, supply and usages of photocopying paper by the BCE during FY 2015/16 (08 September 2016). Response
2016-17 FOI/0010 Based on latest version of the Electoral Roll (04 August 2016) how many people are registered to vote in each proposed constituency (13 September 2016) Response
2016/17 FOI/0011 A request for information relating to the BCE’s internal plans and strategies during 2016/17 (20 September 2016) Response
2016/17 FOI/0012 A request relating to the provision of Air Conditioning Units and their inspection within the BCE (7 October 2016) Response
2016-17 FOI/0013 Request relating to the provision of Standard Firewall (Network) software   within the BCE (18 October 2016) Response
2016/17 FOI/0014 Request for information relating to the proposed constituencies in the West Midlands (28 October 2016). Response
2016/17 FOI/0015 Request for all responses to FOI requests answered by the Commission during 2016 (30 December 2016) Response
2016/17 FOI/0016 Request for documents relating to BCE’s ICT strategy (16 February 2017) Response
2016/17 FOI/0017 Breakdown of Departmental spending via Government Procurement Cards during 2015, 2016, 2017 (3 March 2017) Response