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Boundary Commission for England

Data and resources

Electoral Registers

The Commission is supplied with a copy of the full register of electors by each Electoral Registration Officer in England. These are used to ascertain the number of electors in particular geographic areas, which is required to undertake our statutory duty of reviewing constituency boundaries. The full register contains the name and address of all registered electors, and date of birth for some (16 and 17 year-olds who are due to reach the age of 18 during the life of the register). The full register also contains information as to whether an individual has chosen to opt out of having their details included on the “edited” version of the register (which is available for sale by the local authority).

2018 Review electorate data and maps

The base data that we will be using to review the constituency boundaries is that published in electoral registers in December 2015 (which we refer to as the ‘2016 register’). You can find the data broken down by parliamentary constituency, local authority and ward.

The Commission also has regard to the existing constituency boundaries and local government boundaries. You can find these boundaries on the Ordnance Survey’s election maps website, or by downloading its free Boundary Line product. You can also find maps of each constituency in our Fifth Periodical Review Report.

You can obtain electorate data on the proposed constituencies here. Spatial mapping files for our final recommendations are available here.


Current constituencies in England

There are currently 533 constituencies in England. 529 were last established in 2007, adopting the recommendations of the Commission’s Fifth General Review. PDF maps of those constituencies can be viewed in Volume 3 (London Borough and metropolitan county areas) and Volume 4 (non-metropolitan and unitary authority areas) of the report of our Fifth General Review. The narrative of that Review can be found in Volume 1 of the Report and associated Appendices in Volume 2.

The following four constituencies were subsequently amended in 2009, following an interim review by the Commission: 1) Daventry; 2) South Northamptonshire; 3) Somerton and Frome; and 4) Wells. PDF maps of those four constituencies can again be viewed in our final report of that interim review.


Historic electorate data

The following spreadsheet details the changing electorate size within England between 2010 and 2020 (you can view the data broken down by constituencies or by local authority and region): England Parliamentary electorates 2010-2020.

Other resources

You can also find details of Commission meetings on our website. All data and resources from previous boundary reviews can be found on our archived website. This includes the guidance we published for the 2013 review and historic Commission meeting minutes.

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