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Throughout the 2023 Boundary Review, we will publish blogs which aim to illuminate the work going on behind the scenes at the Commission. Keep an eye out to hear from members of the review and corporate teams about their role in the 2023 Boundary Review.

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Our consultation on new constituencies is now closed: Thank you for taking part

8 December, 2022

Tim Bowden, Secretary to the Boundary Commission for England What should the new map of constituencies look like? This is a question that the Boundary Commission for England, with the help you have given over the course of three public consultations, is now closer to answering.  This week, we closed …

We’re halfway through our final consultation on revised constituencies: Have you had your say yet?

22 November, 2022

Sarah Hamilton, Commissioner of the Boundary Commission for England Parliamentary constituencies are changing, and it’s your final chance to have a say. The Boundary Commission for England wants your help in improving its revised proposals for new constituency boundaries. We are now halfway through our final public consultation. If you …

Our secondary consultation is now closed: What’s next for the 2023 Boundary Review?

5 April, 2022

Tim Bowden, Secretary to the Commission Over the last six weeks, the Boundary Commission for England has been travelling across the country to listen to your views on our proposed changes to constituency boundaries. This review – known as the 2023 Boundary Review – is taking place to rebalance the …

Two weeks left to have your say in our secondary consultation on new constituencies

22 March, 2022

Jane Kilgannon, Lead Assistant Commissioner for the Eastern region Have you had your say yet? There’s now just under two weeks remaining to submit your response in the public consultation on constituency boundaries, and we’re looking forward to hearing from more people before the consultation closes on 4 April. Last …

Halfway through our secondary consultation: Behind the scenes at the public hearings

14 March, 2022

Jo Miles, Review Officer It’s hard to believe we’re now already halfway through the secondary consultation. As the Review Officer for the London region, I’ve found it a rewarding experience being part of the team running the London public hearings over the past three weeks. We’ve held hearings for the …

Public hearings have begun: Give us your views on the constituency proposals

25 February, 2022

John Feavyour, Lead Assistant Commissioner for the London region Over the last two days, I’ve had the opportunity of kickstarting the first of many public hearings held by the Boundary Commission for England (BCE) during its consultation on constituency boundaries. At the Westminster hearing, it has been a real privilege …

The public consultation for our initial proposals has closed: What happens now?

3 August, 2021

Wotey Tannoh, Head of Corporate Services Eight weeks ago, we published our initial proposals for new constituencies in England and invited you, the public, to send us your views via our consultation website Our public consultation has now closed and we would like to say a big thank you …

Time is running out: have your say on our initial proposals for new constituencies

20 July, 2021

Brendan Connell-French, Review Officer Just under two weeks remain before the public consultation on our suggested new constituencies closes at midnight on 2 August.  It’s fantastic that so many people have responded so far. At the time of publishing this blog, we’ve had over 13,000  submissions, and our team will …

2023 Boundary Review: Have you submitted your feedback yet?

2 July, 2021

Glenn Reed, Review Manager Hearing your feedback on our initial proposals is one of the reasons I enjoy working for the Boundary Commission for England. Some comments are very supportive or relieved; others do not support them and offer alternative solutions. Many express similar concerns in particular areas, whereas others …

Behind the scenes at the Boundary Commission

25 June, 2021

Mark Balfour, Review Officer It’s now over two weeks since we published our initial proposals for new constituencies in England, and our public consultation is well underway. I and the other Review Officers at the Boundary Commission for England have been pouring over your submissions so far. We are currently …

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