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About us

The Chair of the Commission is the Speaker of the House of Commons, but by convention he or she does not participate in the conduct of the review or formulation of the Commission’s recommendations.

The Deputy Chair therefore leads the Commission in the conduct of the review. The Deputy Chair must be a serving Judge of the High Court, and is selected and appointed by the Lord Chancellor. The Deputy Chair is supported by two other Commissioners, whose appointments are made following an open public appointments selection process.

You can read more about the Commissioners and their meetings.

Assistant Commissioners may be appointed (by the Secretary of State, but at the request of the Commission) to assist the Commission with its work. Details of any proposed recruitment of Assistant Commissioner for the 2023 Review will appear here in due course.

The Commission is supported by a small team of civil servants provided by the Cabinet Office and led by the Secretary to the Commission. You can read more about the Commission’s corporate governance arrangements.