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Time is running out: have your say on our initial proposals for new constituencies

Brendan Connell-French, Review Officer

Just under two weeks remain before the public consultation on our suggested new constituencies closes at midnight on 2 August. 

It’s fantastic that so many people have responded so far. At the time of publishing this blog, we’ve had over 13,000  submissions, and our team will read and consider each one during the development of our revised proposals. However, if you haven’t yet visited to submit your views on the suggested boundary lines or constituency names for your area, there’s still time – it’s quick and easy to do.

It’s your feedback that helps us to reflect in our proposed constituencies – as far as we possibly can – the local ties which bind your community together. Reading your submissions is what I enjoy most about being a Review Officer. The opportunity to become more familiar with local communities, and learn more about my adoptive country, is a big part of what drew me to the role in the first place. 

As required by law, the 2023 Boundary Review will increase the number of constituencies in England to 543, and every constituency we draw must contain between 69,724 and 77,062 electors – which will ensure each MP represents roughly the same number of electors. Our team will aim to make sure the new map of constituencies represents local communities as best as possible, while keeping to the above legal requirements. The details provided by members of the public about their local area helps our team to improve our initial suggestions, and every piece of feedback will be taken into account during the development of our revised proposals.

So, when submitting a representation through, what information should you include? As a Review Officer, I appreciate hearing about how local people travel within and between constituencies, either under their own steam or via public transport. It’s also helpful to receive comments which shed light on local links, such as partnered parish and town councils or a supporters group for a local sports team. Telling us about your community groups, the places of worship you attend, your library – even including a little bit of local history – these all help us to get the boundary lines and constituency names we propose right for your local area.

Don’t leave it too late – tell us what you think about our proposals for your area at before 2 August.

This blog is part of a series which aims to illuminate the work going on behind the scenes at the Commission. Keep an eye out on this page to hear from members of the review and corporate teams about their role in the 2023 Boundary Review.