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Boundary Commission for England

Governance and performance

The Boundary Commission for England is a statutory body, established to provide independent recommendations to the UK Government on the boundaries of UK Parliament constituencies in England. It conducts its work independently of the Government, but as an advisory non-departmental public body (NDPB), its budget, staff and all administrative support services (e.g. Finance, Procurement, IT, HR, office facilities) are provided by a specific sponsoring government department, currently the Cabinet Office.

Accordingly, formal accountability to Parliament for the Commission is two pronged: the Commission is directly responsible for the substantive content of its constituency recommendations, but accountability for proper and efficient use of public money lies through the Principal Accounting Officer of the sponsor department.

Further details of the governance arrangements are set out in the Commission’s Governance Framework.


Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Commission are set out in the Parliamentary Constituencies Act 1986 (as amended). Specifically, our over-riding objective is to conduct a five-yearly formal review of all Parliamentary constituencies in England, and deliver the resulting report and recommendations to Government, all within a time and process framework established by the Act. Although the current legislation no longer empowers us to conduct interim reviews of specific areas in England, in between general reviews we deliver the statutory requirement to “keep under review” the constituencies in England, by monitoring how the Parliamentary electorate changes in England on an annual basis, following the statutory publication of the electoral register by the Electoral Registration Officers in each local authority.

Financial Information

The annual budget and expenditure figures for the Commission over the last seven years can be found in our annual reports below (earlier annual reports can be obtained from an older website now held by The National Archives):

BCE Annual Report 2019-20

BCE Annual Report 2018-19

BCE Annual Report 2017-18

BCE Annual report 2016-17

BCE Annual Report 2015-16

BCE Annual Report 2014-15

BCE Annual Report 2013-14

BCE Annual Report 2012-13

BCE Annual Report 2011-12

BCE Annual Report 2010-11

BCE Annual Report 2009-10

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