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Assistant Commissioners

Assistant Commissioners are appointed to assist the Commission in conducting a review of Parliamentary constituencies. 

Assistant Commissioners:

  • attend as many as possible of the public hearings held in the region of England to which they are assigned. Lead Assistant Commissioners are expected to chair as many as possible of the public hearings in their region;
  • assist with the Secretariat’s analysis of all representations relating to that region following the initial and secondary consultation periods; and
  • contribute to the production of a written paper from the Secretariat to the Commissioners, recommending any revisions to the proposals for that region, and attend in person at the presentation of that paper to the Commissioners.

The Commission may also ask any Assistant Commissioner to assist it in the discharge of such other of its statutory duties as it sees fit.

For the 2023 Review, we are looking to appoint 18 Assistant Commissioners: applications recently closed, and we will provide information here on the successful individuals once they are appointed.