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The 2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries in England – Volume one: Report

Final recommendations

  1. Our final recommendations are set out in a report of three volumes. This volume, containing the previous introductory chapter and the following commentary on how we have reached our final recommendations, should be considered alongside Volume two: Constituency names, designations and composition, and Volume three: Maps. The remainder of this volume sets out, by each region in England, our final recommendations for new constituency boundaries, and how we arrived at them.
  2. As we point out in the previous chapter, the legislation under which this review has taken place, combined with the amount of changes within the electorate since the last time a constituency review was implemented, mean that significant change to the existing pattern of boundaries is inevitable. In fact, our final recommendations result in only 55 of the existing 533 constituencies in England remaining completely unchanged. The scale of change in each region is set out in the below table.
RegionNumber of recommended constituencies unchanged from existing%
East Midlands715%
North East27%
North West1216%
South East1415%
South West23%
West Midlands814%
Yorkshire and the Humber47%
Total England5510%
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