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Annual Report 2021/22

Outline work programme and budget for 2022/23


  1. The 2022/23 financial year will be another busy period during the 2023 Review. It includes detailed analysis of the responses to the initial and secondary consultations, the development of the revised proposals, the consultation on those proposals and the development of the final recommendations. The budget agreed with the DLUHC is £1,808,000 and the Commission expects to:• Develop revised proposals for new constituencies, to be signed off by the Commission by the end of August 2022
    • In the autumn of 2022, conduct the statutory four week consultation on the revised proposals
    • By the end of March 2023, be completing the analysis of responses to the revised proposals consultation and formulating the final recommendations
    • By the end of January 2023, have published the statutory ‘annual report on progress’, which the Commission is required to provide to the Speaker of the House of Commons, updating on progress with a live review
    • During the course of the year the Commission will aim to hold three formal meetings to assess progress with the Review and make key decisions, and will also be represented at the Annual Meeting of UK Boundary Commissions.
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Budget by subhead for 2022/23

Budget componentBudget 22/23 (£)
Pay and related costs897,000
Travel and subsistence costs5,000
Accommodation costs115,000
IT and equipment costs310,000
Staff related costs5,000
Other professional services33,000
Marketing and media312,000
Other goods and services100,000
Training and development10,000
Conference and hospitality16,000
Miscellaneous expenditure5,000
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