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Guide to the public hearings

What happens next?

The information you provide during the hearings helps us to improve our suggestions for the new map of constituencies across England.

Your feedback is valuable, and we take every representation made into account. During the previous review, we changed over half of our original  proposals based on the responses we received in our consultation periods.

We attach just as much significance to the feedback we receive at public hearings, as to that we receive in writing via our website, or by email or letter.

If you attend a public hearing, and wish to submit your response in writing as well, please remember that the secondary consultation deadline is Monday 4 April 2022. Responses that reach us after this deadline cannot be taken into consideration.

After the secondary consultation has ended, the Commission will consider all the representations received during the initial proposals and secondary consultations. We will produce a report deciding on whether the initial proposals should change and which details any suggested changes. Alongside this report, we will publish all the written representations we received during the secondary consultation, as well as the transcripts from public hearings.

If our proposals change, we will hold a further four-week written consultation on our revised proposals inviting you to tell us what you think about them. There will be no public hearings at this stage.

Those comments will be published along with our final report, which will be sent to Parliament by July 2023 and subsequently made into law.

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