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Triennial Review report published

The Cabinet Office has today published the final report of the Triennial Review of the Parliamentary Boundary Commissions. All Government-sponsored Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) are subject to formal review once in each three-year period, which considers: a) whether the function the NDPB delivers still needs to be undertaken, and, if so, whether NDPB is the best organisational model to deliver it; and b) whether and how improvements could be made to the governance and efficiency of the NDPB.

The report recognises in Part 1 that the function of regular reviews of UK Parliament constituencies needs to be undertaken, and that an independent arm’s length NDPB remains the most appropriate model for doing so. Part 2 of the report identifies a small number of points on which the governance or efficiency of the Commissions might be improved, and we will work with our sponsors in the Cabinet Office to address these recommendations.