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Boundary Commission for England

Electoral data for the 2018 Review

The official 2015 UK electorate figures (which the legislation specifies must be used for the 2018 Review of constituencies) were published by the Office for National Statistics on 24 February 2016. Those figures can be viewed here.

The following downloads contain the detailed electorate data for England extracted from that, which will be used for the 2018 Review:

  • Applying the statutory calculation for distributing constituencies between the four parts of the UK, and subsequently between the nine regions of England:XLSX file XLS file
  • The electorate of each region, sub-divided by both local authorities and each existing constituency: XLSX fileXLS file
  • The electorate of each region, sub-divided by local authorities, and further sub-divided by ward: XLSX fileCSV file

(Please note that the BCE data refers to the relevant electorate as the ‘2016 electorate’).