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Boundary Commission for England

2018 Review – Final recommendations for England

We provided the Government with our final recommendations for new constituency boundaries in England on 5 September 2018. 

Our final report of the 2018 Review consists of three volumes:

Volume one: Final recommendations report

This is a narrative report of the conduct of the review, including a description of the legal and policy framework within which the work is conducted, the evidence that was presented during the consultation on our earlier proposals, and how we reached our recommendations.

Volume two: Constituency names, designations and composition

This is a simple listing of the 501 constituencies we recommend for England. For each recommended constituency we list:

  • the name;
  • the designation;
  • the description of its extent (in almost all cases by listing the component local authority wards); and
  • the electorate (including the electorates of the component elements).

Volume three: Maps

This consists of basic pdf maps illustrating the extent of each of the 501 recommended constituencies. The link above is to the whole volume (i.e. all 501 maps), so is a large file size. Should you wish to handle smaller files, single region downloads are:

Media resources for the 2018 Review

You can find more information about the 2018 Review in our media handbook. We have also prepared a spreadsheet containing key facts about the changes proposed in the final recommendations, which you can download here.

Spatial boundary data / GIS mapping files

Data files of our final recommendations for use in GIS software packages:

Electorate spreadsheets


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